Event Details

The Sunday Assembly (Glasgow)

Glasgow , Scotland United Kingdom

The first Sunday Assembly outside London will take place in Glasgow on March 31st. The venue is still being finalised, but the speaker will be the wonderful Susan Calman. 

The Sunday Assembly is part-foot stomping show, part-atheist church and all celebration of life. It's super fun.

But, what's this? An Easter service in an atheist shindig, that doesn’t seem right? Don’t worry, we’re as rational as they come but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

There have been spring festivals since time began, and wouldn’t it be a shame to lose 1400 years of British history over a minor theological difference? Yes. It would. Also, we love chocolate eggs!

Please keep an eye on this event as we get more details. For instance, it's not yet known if the event will end at 12 noon.



All Day: Sun May 05