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Omaha , NE United States

Apostacon, the new name (and website) for what will be our 5th annual Midwest Freethought Conference organized by the Omaha Coalition of Reason and scheduled for September 20-22, 2013!  Whether you self identify as an apostate, atheist, agnostic, humanist, skeptic, freethinker, nonbeliever, rationalist, scientist, empiricist, heretic, infidel, doubter, heathen, irreligious, godless or Pastafarian…  there will be something for you at this year’s Apostacon!


In addition to a great line up of nationally recognized speakers. including R. Elisabeth Cornwell, from the freethought community, you’ll want to be sure to attend the Apostate’s DeBaptism Ceremony presided over by the Flying Spaghetti Monster Himself!  Heck we’ll even debaptize your dead relatives on request!  After all, if the Mormons can Baptize the dead, any Pastafarian worth his sea-salt can debaptize them!

Fri Sep 20 at 08:30PM to Sun Sep 22 at 07:30PM CDT (GMT -0500)