Translation of the text Richard is speaking:

Hello, and a warm welcome to our German language website, which we are launching today to join our Spanish language site alongside the original English version of I am Richard Dawkins. I invite you to go on a quest with me –  a search for critical thinking, based on scientific discovery and reason. On a search for knowledge, to understand the world the way it really is. With its magic, poetry, and elegance, for example in the way evolution creates highly complex and beautiful creatures, which carry such a strong illusion of design.

For me and many others, this search led me to turn away from religion and superstition. I am an atheist. There is nothing special about atheists, we are just people who like to think for themselves and ask critical questions. Atheists are not strange, but rather normal people like bus drivers, teachers, or waiters in restaurants. Most are actually very nice people!

So come closer without fear, leave your shyness of the unknown behind, and accompany me on my journey. Welcome on board! 


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Please head over and leave a few comments! The site is technically ready to go, but urgently needs content. 

We are looking for volunteers who can help us populate the site. If you are interested, please sign up as a user and drop an email to We will give you moderation roles and you can start posting.