Q1- As an expert on evolution, what do you feel is the strangest creature on Earth, or the one that just doesn't seem to make sense from an evolutionary standpoint yet continues to survive? (besides people)
A1- Nautilus (because of its pinhole camera eye). But that's just off the top of my head. I'd probably think of a better answer given more time (that is so often true!)


Q2- What is your favorite type of soup?
A2- Leek and potato


Q3- What is your greatest achievement?
A3- The Extended Phenotype.


Q4- Will you be treating us to another fireside reading of your hate mail in the near future?
A4- Yes, but not fireside. Instead, a young woman sits beside me playing sweet music on the cello. Film still being edited. I'm looking forward to seeing it.


Q5- Richard, who was the most frustrating person with whom you have debated evolution?
A5- Wendy Wright (Link to debate)


Q6- Upright walking preceded the development of a higher functioning brain in the evolution of man, contrary to what most would think. What is the best reasoning to convey to and  convince someone that walking in fact came first?
A6- Fossils. Australopithecus, from which genus we are almost certainly descended, walked upright and had a brain about the same size as a chimpanzee


Q7- What do you think should be changed about the american education system, more specifically the science classroom? Also, what age do you think schools should start teaching evolution in the classroom?
A7- I think evolution can, and should, be taught early. Certainly it makes little sense to teach any biology BEFORE teaching evolution because nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution (Dobzhansky)


Q8- How do you feel now that memes, first discussed in your book The Selfish Gene, have become ubiquitous in internet culture?

A8- I'm pleased that the concept of meme has become widely understood, but the true meaning is a bit broader than the common understanding. Anything transmitted with high fidelity from brain to brain by imitation is a meme.


Q9-Mr. Dawkins, without going into much detail, I'm a creationist, and believe in a God.
What information could you provide or books would you refer me to to change my mind?

A9- Jerry Coyne: Why Evolution is True. And my own The Greatest Show on Earth.


Q10- Richard, are there any examples of non-human species acting religiously?

A10- Hard to know what that would mean. Elephants have been said to mourn their dead. Some people have semi-seriously suggested that domestic pets might feel religious towards the people who feed and care for them. Not very convincing, I'd abandon that train of thought!