The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science petitioned Facebook to restore a Pakistani Atheist page. Religious fanatics had targeted the page for complaint to Facebook. After being flooded, Facebook’s system shut down the Pakistani Saaenji page citing “negative user feedback.” 

A cleric named Molana Tariq Jameel, a supporter of terror, publicly thanked his supporters for getting the Pakistani Saaenji page shut down. The very lives of the Pakistani secularists are in danger if their anonymity were to be violated. These Pakistanis are courageous people who speak for non-violence. One quote of many against the Saaenji page: "anyone who disrespects the prophet deserves beheading."

Thousands of you signed the petition in just a couple of days. Someone from Facebook saw our petition. They looked into the matter and the Pakistani Saaenji page is restored. Please like the page!

And, please, let friends know. There are millions of honorable Pakistanis, religious and secular, who support the right of this Pakistani Saaenji page to exist.

We thank Facebook very much! -- and not just for restoration of the page. Without Facebook maintaining their anonymity, our Pakistani friends could be attacked and even killed. 

However, our Foundation continues our plea to Facebook that strong policies be put in place to ensure that minority rights aren’t trampled by mob rule in cyberspace.

Facebook says it has criteria in place to avoid mob rule, but, when a page is bombarded by thousands of complaints, this can perhaps be more likely to happen. 

We are worried that this might happen again, if not to this group, than other peaceful oppressed minorities. 


Most of all, we thank the Pakistani freethinkers! They dared to think on their own. They dared to organize. They are heroes to us all. They deserve to be honored and supported. 

Help us continue to organize for Reason & Science:

Sean Faircloth

Director of Strategy & Policy
Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science