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Scott Burdick's response to the Liberty Council threat
The privacy complaint is a meritless attempt at public issue censorship by Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) and Mr. Bob Fowler, the longstanding full time director of CEF's Greater Raleigh Area (North Carolina) chapter.  The YouTube video that is subject to the complaint is a professionally videotaped and edited documentary.  The documentary explores the newsworthy controversy surrounding Child Evangelism Fellowship's Good News Clubs, which -- following a 2001 Supreme Court decision -- has expanded into nearly 4000 American public schools.

All of the excerpts identified in the complaint are portions of an interview taken of Mr. Fowler, with his prior written consent (see link), at CEF's publicly attended Good News Club Spectacular at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds on Aug. 25, 2012.  Mr. Fowler spoke directly, voluntarily, and with full knowledge he was on camera, to the filmmakers.

No portion of this non-commercial documentary includes anything that the law would identify as a "private fact" or an intrusion into private seclusion (e.g., an intimate detail of one's private life that is not generally known).  The cited excerpts also include nothing that would be considered morbid, sensational, or offensive to a reasonable person of ordinary sensibilities.

Also, in his role as a CEF director, Mr. Fowler -- known as "Mr. Bob" -- has a very public profile.  This is evidenced by other public videos featuring Mr. Bob (see, e.g.,, CEF Raleigh's website, other news articles (see, e.g.,, and over 2700 Facebook friends (!/cefmrbob?fref=ts). 

The issues explored in this documentary concern newsworthy matters of significant public interest.  The Good News Club has been the subject of scores of lawsuits, countless journalistic articles (including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post), and journalist Katherine Stewart's recent book "The Good News Club."  The documentary offends no legitimate privacy interests.  We respectfully ask YouTube to deny the complaint.

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