we then received this: http://torrentfreak.com/top-torrent-sites-and-richard-dawkins-blocked-in-pakistan-130723/ about Torrent blockings in Pakistan, concluding with the following:


Another tweet from Pakistan:


By the way, I apologise for the fact that the screendumps from Twitter are undated.  It probably would be possible to track down the dates, and I might do so when I have more time.


Then we received this this





On the strength of all this information, we launched an appeal for help.


However, we then got a strong letter from Hazrat NaKhuda,  the President of Pakistani Atheists and Agnostics, denying that our site had been banned in Pakistan, as follows.



I wrote to  Hazrat NaKhuda himself asking whether he could suggest any explanation for the conflicting reports. He replied as follows:



I also wrote to another friendly organization in Pakistan whom I have come to trust, the Pakistani Atheists. They replied:


If anybody in Pakistan can shed any further light on the conflicting reports, we would be grateful to hear them. 


Thank you


Richard Dawkins