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Created on Jun 13 2010
Dear Richard.
This is by way of expressing gratitude, more than an explanation of conversion. I have always been an atheist as my father - a decent, thoughtful and brotherhood of man kind of guy - was.
But, being from Ireland I went to Catholic schools and my understanding of evolution was quite limited. Though I was never taught to doubt it, I never fully understood it either.
Through your books and documentaries I have gained a much greater education in how evolution works. It is a beautiful thing and I despair that it was brushed over in my formal education and that this is still the case for students.
I feel that I have to thank you, and it wouldn't be right if I didn't, for essentially teaching me everything I know about the subject. Also, thank you for expressing the view, which I have enthusiastically adopted, that it's time people of reason took a stand against religion and religious nonsense.
Keep fighting the good fight.
Kind Regards
Luke Byrne