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Funny but true

Created on Jun 13 2010
In my work as a paramedic, I encountered a patient the other day. She was a devout Christian and nervous about going to the hospital. She stated many times "I don't know what I did wrong, I was nice to everyone. " "God must hate me and is punishing me with this sickness. "
At the hospital I saw the pastoral care pastor at the catholic institution we took her to and I thought our patient might benefit from his services.
"I think the lady we just brought in may need your help" and I went on to tell the pastor the patients words of thinking she was being punished. He said to me " is she schizophrenic?". I chuckled and said "no sir, I think she is religious. "
It was the perfect setup for me being a smart elleck athiest. Thank you Jesus.
Josh Dugal