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Thank you

Created on Aug 28 2010
Dear Mr Dawkins,
Two weeks ago, I was buying food in Sainsbury's in Central London when the young checkout girl asked me if I had just come from an event at the local church. When I said no, that I'd just come from the cinema, she replied 'oh well you should go and learn about God!'. As I continued to put the items of shopping in my bag she then asked if I was a Muslim (!). I looked at her and politely said that no, I was an atheist and that I don't believe in God but believe in the goodness of people. She gave me a beaming smile and said 'Oh, well you should definitely come and then you'd learn about how wonderful God is!'. I smiled back, paid for my shopping and left.
Although I regret not complaining to the store manager - after all, I had come in to do my food shopping, not get converted! - I do feel proud of myself for coming out as an atheist for the first time. I used to be one of those people who would say "well, I wouldn't call myself a Christian but I do wonder if there's a God....." Thank you for writing the God Delusion and helping me to be strong enough to 'come out' as an atheist.