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Created on Aug 15 2011
I enjoyed reading the book,The Greatest Show on Earth is was well written and brought to light some of my misconceptions of Darwin and evolution. However, to Professor Hawkins dismay, I am still a young earth creationist. I was not reared in a zealous religious house, I did believe in evolution for quite some time, until seven years ago, and I was sure a young earth concept was both ignorant and stupid. Yet, I came to be one after much study and reflection. I am not afraid to be considered stupid, perverse, a history-denier or any other names some may hurl my way, because of my belief.
For the "deconverted" people that are so thankful for Dawkins "freeing" you what do you think of A.G.N Flew, Peter Hithchens, and Alister McGrath, atheists that searched the evidence and converted to the belief of a creator?
Hawkins chided me in his book for not learning of evolution and Darwins theory, yet he is undisciplined in the God of the Bible and its message. I will not bother reading :The God Delusion" I glanced at parts of it and it see,s to be the same argumenst that have been made by many other authors I have read.