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Created on Mar 05 2011
Dear Mr Dawkins,
I have written to you once before.
I sent the first email only a few months ago - mainly to say 'thank you' after I read The God Delusion.
The reason I'm writing now is I have recently decided that at age 42, I need to study science! The initial spark came from The God Delusion. Since reading it, I have become obsessed with (all) science after not giving it a second thought for nearly twenty-five years. My new interest in science is what prompted me to watch "Horizon: What Is One Degree?" with Ben Miller a few weeks ago.
There was one moment during that program that hit me so hard I was up half the night thinking about it, and it was the first thing I thought of when I woke up. It was just a tiny moment when I grasped the idea of what temperature is, rather than what I've always thought it was. The entire way I see the world has changed - and in such a profound way I'm a bit stunned. It turns out, I want to know the answers to pretty much everything, and I'm not going to be able to do that properly from surfing the internet, so I have now signed up for three short courses through the Open University, just to get my feet wet - Darwin and Evolution, and two introductory courses, one in Math and the other an introduction to Science.
My goal is to study physics, so I have a lot of planning and work to do in
order to get there. I'm starting from the ground up, but I'm feeling awfully confident.
I don't remember being this excited about anything, so thanks again for planting the seed.
My entire life has changed!