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My eternal Role Model!!!

Created on Feb 13 2013
Dear, professor
My name is Jae Hun Jeong. 16 years-old.
I'm Korean. So my English is bad. Please understand me. :(
I read your book 'the blind watchmaker'.
I was truly impressed with the book.
I immediately order all of your books!!
Your book is really really great.
I love science from old times. Especially I 'm interested in chemistry.
But after i read 'the blind watchmaker', I was tempted to be a biologist.
i want to study about evolutionary biology or biotechnology.
I want to learn biology from professor if that's possible.
Please be my mentor professor!!
You are my role model and my greatest hero
Though my English is bad, I really want to be your student.
I hope that you will reply me :)
Thank you to read my clumsy letter!
Jae Hun Jeong who will be the greatest biologist in the world