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Dealing with Family

Created on Mar 09 2013
Dear Mr. Dawkins
Over the last year I have had the opportunity to view many of your utube offerings as well as those of the recently past Christopher Hitchens . My wife and I come from families at opposite ends of the faith spectrum. She was unfortunately raised in a family of evangelical christians . I come from an family background that believes the concept of a supreme being is ... silly... and also that religion in all forms, is an evil practice designed to dumb-down and enslave people and their minds. My wife rejected the religion of her family after seeing so many cases of hypocritical behavior of the pastors and their " flocks" and I suppose this is perhaps one of the reasons she has put up with me.
For years now, every time we visited with my wife's family , I have had to deal with my father-in - law's bible reading and prayer. I have been the respectful Mr. Nice-guy and would tolerate these torture sessions lasting typically an hour or so. After purchasing your book ...The God Delusion ... and it has made me realize that I don't have to be silent about my rejecting a belief in magic . After a couple of uncomfortable exchanges, thankfully ...at least so far ...he has turned off the drivel. Also, my kids don't have to be exposed to the nonsense. You certainly have helped me in making this decision .
Thank-you for your excellent books and your efforts in continuing to get the message out. Perhaps some day we"ll live in a world where.... On The Origin of Species ...is in every motel night stand.
J Sexton