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Created on Mar 14 2013
Dear, Mr. Richard Dawkins
Hello, I am an Atheist by birth; (we all are) and thankfully I was never brought up religious. My Mother was forced to attend Catholic church when she was young and had to listen to preachings about Hell and Damnation. After she got older her Mother told her she didn't have to go anymore; she was filled with joy. Having gone through that experience, my mother never forced me to go to church and I was raised without relgious doctrine. While growing up, Religion, was never taked about and it held very little importance. While threw my teenage years I had a "Satanic" stage, I bought books on Satanism and the Occult to "Rebel" against all things "Christian". However, now that I am older I realize that I should have thrown out all things that had to do with any sort of religion attached to it. I never liked to label myself with anything, however, If I had to label myself I would say I am an "Atheist/Agnostic." Keep up the Great work !