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Created on Jul 31 2013
To the Very Respected Sir Dawkins,
These comments (insignificant though they may be) are with regards to the recent debacle with Mehdi Hasan (someone who has reduced the art of debating into depravity). Since the media saw it fit to make jokes about your recent tweets about this guy, I wanted to say these words in support of your 'interview' with him, if it was interview; someone needs to impose on these journalists that insulting guests on their shows should not be called an 'interview'. Mehdi Hasan is increasingly becoming the darling of Muslims because he voices really lame, outdated arguments through oratory, echoing popular Muslim beliefs, which he knows they will applaud.
You were not wrong to tweet your thoughts and opinions, just as they do all the time about anyone believing in anything different from the rest of them. I've read your books, followed your interviews, watched your debates and it is thinkers like you who give me motivation to face everyday in an increasingly stupid world, which refuses to let go of stuff like flying horses, talking stones, pebbles and trees, and angels whose wings are 'as large as the length of the horizon'.
Thank you for continually facing off to people like these and (really) enlightening the world populace.
Fearfully Anonymous Ex-Muslim