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Seven Day Adventist nonsense

Created on Jul 31 2013
Many years ago,when I was younger and very naive, I was searching for a religious movement that shared my points of view. I met a boyfriend from the SDAs who was baptised in that Church. As we were getting to know each he slowly began to try to convert me. As someone of basis knowledge in the field of evolution, family planning, and abortion, we had long conversations about each of those subjects. I had a secular upbringing and needed to know about the questions which science fails to answer. I asked him about the existence of "God" thinking he was at the level of Mr Richard Dawkins. He said it was all base on faith and only faith. I wanted evidence of a "God" and he told me to pray for this. Time and time again, I had a quite chat with the all mighty. NOTHING ! We went to an SDA church where they were talking about the end of times and the return of Christ. I begun to find it very depressing. My boyfriend said if I do not have faith then I would never enter the "Kingdom of God" and live forever in the arms of his savour. Why would I want to share the company of religious people forever. It made no sense to me.
We talked about evolution for some length. My boyfriend believed that this theory was "Satanic". He believe that the devil was out to fool the scientists and non christians.
As time went on, he knew I would never convert to his faith. Some of the questions I asked him, he gave as standard answer was "God did it". There was no evidence of anything he said to me. He believed in a New World order who would stop the SDAs worshipping on a Saturday. The New Word Order was part of the Catholic Church and he believe Catholic worshipped the 666 beast !!!
As I said, I was brought up in a Secular family. I departed very quickly from my boyfriend when he attacked me after an argument. I believe he was upset he could not convert me or gain any control over me. It is called education of science and looking at the real world as a person really sees it. I now wish I never wasted so much time in looking for the truth faith because I know that the likes of Richard Dawkins and David Attenborough knew the truth all along and I was so stupid not to see it.