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Dear Dr. Dawkins

Created on Sep 06 2013
Is religion bad as a concept? Or is it only bad in the minds of bad men.
I find myself wondering if a world of atheists would be better than a world of believers. With absolute free will and nothing to bound or I would even say control the "weak minded" that have no sense of reason or morality the world would be a very twisted place.
I find comfort in balance.
History explains a world where there is too much religion.
Today, there is much less religious people that anytime in history and I fear that we as a civilization are heading to another "dark age" since we cannot learn from history of a world with mostly non-believers.
My question, would you, in an atheist world, be happy even if it's horrifying, or would you fight for religion to keep up the balance, hence, making the world a better place?
a young skeptic