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Question for Dr. Dawkins

Created on Nov 11 2013
Dear Richards Dawkins,
I somehow doubt that this message will get to you personally, but in hopes that it will, I'll post it anyway. I want you to know that I am an atheist, and that I fully support your teachings and secular philosophies. I am 16 and most of my fellow teenage friends don't see the world the way I do (and the way you do). I want to spread reason, logic and rational thought to everyone that I can, in hopes that it will make an impact in todays irrational, primarily religious world. The only issue is that I do not know of a way I can spread the word to a broad audience. Who will listen? If you have any suggestions for me, I would greatly, greatly appreciate it. You inspire me in many aspects of my life, and I hope to one day achieve a level of peace and understanding with the world such as you have.
-Humble Atheist, Maxson Elliot Richards