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Regarding your debate with Cardinal George Pell

Created on Nov 28 2013
I hope this is read by Richard Dawkins!
Not one hour ago I learned of who you are for the very first time, when I watched your debate with Cardinal George Pell in its entirety on youtube. I'm a 19 year old American male who is a practicing member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or "LDS" for short, and I must say--I've become a fan of yours. While I do believe firmly in the existence of God, I have so much respect for you after watching that particular debate. You laid out your points logically, eloquently, and respectfully. I was disappointed that the Cardinal didn't seem to be interested in actual debate so much as in trying to sway the audience against you through petty rhetoric. Several times when the Cardinal was asked pointed or loaded questions by either you or the audience members I wished I had been debating you myself, rather than him. I think I what admired most about you in that particular debate was that you always stuck to logic--even when the Cardinal didn't. I count myself among your fans. If you ever make an appearance at some sort of event near southern California (where I live) I'll most definitely attempt to come and possibly ask you some questions myself.
Your most recent fan,
Jonah S. Monson