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Created on May 01 2012
Dear Richard,
I’ve not been converted. I’ve never had a god or faith. I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the idea since the time I first heard it in religious education classes at primary school (incidentally taught by a priest later to be found with prior pedophilia convictions).
I had also never been inspired at school by science teachers. Now having a friend who works as a school biology teacher with no scientific background or education (or particular interest in biology), only a Diploma in Education, I understand why.
Currently in my thirties, I have recently read and reread The Selfish Gene and The Ancestors Tale, as well as all of your other wonderful books (excepting The Magic of Reality, which I have earmarked as birthday presents for my nearly-three-year-old niece, and nearly-one-year-old nephew in coming years). Getting to the point of this email, I am grateful for the inspiration that your wonderful work has given me. I am currently studying science as a consequence and am continually filled with joy, inspiration and wonder. Thank you for your inspiring work.