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Created on May 01 2012
Dear Professor Dawkins,
Thank you so much for all of your writing and advocacy supporting reason and secularism. While I can't quite call myself a convert, as I have never been religious, your work has certainly solidified my skepticism, and encouraged me to stop treating religion with hushed respect.
I am especially grateful for your "out" campaign. Just this morning, two people came to my doorstep to share a "positive message from the bible". Normally I would have been very uncomfortable, and would have avoided their questions about my own beliefs. Instead, I smiled brightly at them, and confidently told them I was an atheist. They seemed thrown by this, and asked if I had always been that way. I said that yes, our household was completely secular. I would have welcomed further discussion with them, but they just turned around and left. For the first time, I was open and positive about my atheism, and it feels wonderful. I will certainly not be going back to the closet.
Many thanks, and warmest regards,