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Created on May 04 2010
Subject: I am out of the closet.
I was raised Catholic. I was even an altar boy for a bit (you got some money for doing it so no surprise there). I have met many Jesuit priests in my secondary education who I have liked a great deal and I respected for their intelligence.
They must know they are educating a certain percentage of people out of the faith, but somehow not themselves.
I used to tell people that I "wasn't particularly religious" borrowed from one of my heroes Harry Browne. Well add Richard Dawkins to that list!
Many of my other non-religious friends have developed defensive or diverting responses when questioned about their faith. I think my favorite is "I am a god-fearing agnostic. I am afraid there might be a god." Another, considerable more abrasive but humorous answer is "I am antaganostic. I don't know what I believe, but what you believe is stupid!"
Now, I answer that I am an atheist. It is a little scary to do this during these times in the US, but the more people that take this step the faster we can foster a culture where faith can be and is, questioned.
Matthew Gress