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Created on May 04 2010
I used to be a very devote Anglican. I never believed in creation, or taking the bible literally, but never-the-less, I had no doubt (at first) in the existence of God. I served at church, and even the reactor wanted me to sub-deacon. Then I had began to read the bible, and I was disgusted. I was disgusted at the bible for what it contained, and disgusted with myself for holding it as a "good book." Everywhere I read, all I found was hate, violence, and rape. It didn't contain anything that I truely believed in. After that, I became more of Deist.
While surfing the internet, I stumbled upon a clip from the Root of All Evil?, and eventually downloaded and watched the whole think. After watching it, I had become more agnostic, and I decided to buy and read The God Delusion. It didn't take long into the book for me to fully put aside my old, backwards, beliefs. And for that, I am very, very thankfull.
I am very proud to say now, I am an Atheist.
Thank you,
Joseph Morgan, Ottawa ON, Canada