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Created on May 04 2010
Dear Professor Dawkins
I am an ex-Christian because of you. My full anti-testimony is at: http://exchristian.net/testimonies/2006/10/perfect-religion.html . To cut a long story short, a friend lent me The Blind Watchmaker and my faith disappeared in an instance. Without genesis and original sin there was no need for Jesus. At last, here was the explanation I was looking for: Evolution. I was hungry for more. I read "The selfish-gene" following by "The red queen" by Matt Ridley, and again I thought, at last here is the explanation I've been looking for. That's why sex is an all-powerful driving force in our lives. I'm just subject to those annoying genes and their desire to self-replicate. It sounds depressing to reduce the meaning of our lives to a sequence of chemicals but to reiterate Douglas Adams: "I'd take the awe of understanding over the awe of ignorance any day."
Yours, Andrew Hawkins