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Created on May 04 2010
you are a PREACHER!!!! You preach "TRUTH". YOUR TRUTH!!! You are a child... as we ALL are! when you are at the end of your life... when you breathe your last, I wonder if you will be so knowlegable. It is O.K. to go through life trying to explain existense.... it is NOT O.K. to act like YOU know what will happen! I feel sorry for you!!!!! You may have taken thousands of souls down the wrong path because you needed some attention. what a tiny, little, nothing you are. stay alive baby... and spend that money...you ridiculous human. mitch 480-xxx-xxxx
call me - i'm smarter than you.
(note from the Staff: as tempting as it was to leave Mitch's phone number for everyone to phone, we just couldn't do it... sorry)