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Created on May 04 2010
I don't like you richard dawkins, its not that your an atheist. Its that your trying change peoples religious reasoning to follow your proporgated dogma. Its how you present your argument, and you totally inetituded to see your hipocracy. You say that any man of reason will not believe in god, and the god is the cause of all wars.
Who are you to decide who is reasonable and who is gulible and foolish. When does your ideology of a perfect world without religion manifest in to a world faught over interpritation of fossils and other paleolithic evidence. When is that your campaign of reason become one of hate.
Is it when you claim your ideology is supeior to mine? Is it when you try to end a religion by replacing it with up to date man based religion. Is it when you embrace science as the only and conclude that anything unexplained in this world has yet to be discovered, and not simply the work of god who claim does not exist.
When are you going to smarten up and realise that your message of peace will soon become a message of war, a reason to destroy religion and its followers under the banner of the ideology that if you are illogical and unreasonable then you are fool who deserves to die. Don't say it won't happen, all religion starts out with good intentions and usually ends with genicide or some other act of inhumanity.
When are you going to stop using the term, "If your a smart person, then you must see where god fails". This isn't a term of reasoning, this a term you use to blindsight and destroy the concience and indepence of the common people. All men and women on some level think they are smart, so when you say that if you were smart you would believe this; you are in defintion trying to convert people who are ignorrent fools and moronic theologins unsure of their own connection to the world. They hear you say these bloated words, and long to become like you.
Your smart Mr. Dawkin, but you are not wise.
From a man who is rational and believes in a god. which by your definition is a paradox.