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Created on Aug 25 2011
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful……………………..I have just finished reading The God Delusion and felt moved to put pen to paper (or in this case fingertips to keyboard) to a resounding thank-you to Richard Dawkins for so clearly putting together thoughts I have had for many years but lacked the ability to crystalise them. I have, for many years, found discussion atheism with religious people difficult as I did not have many of the arguments needed to counter their many absurdities – I now have a font of such arguments at the ready and will never again shy away from a discussion with any religious person or body.
I have also undertaken to always take anyone to task for referring to a child as a catholic, protestant, muslim etc etc as, like Richard, I believe indoctrination of religious ideas into a young person’s head is an awful abuse.
Thank you again, Richard, keep up your fight.