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Created on May 04 2010
Dear Professor Dawkins,
I read The God Delusion earlier this year as my son was recovering from surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital. I was surprised at first at how much more comfortable I have become with my place in the universe, I guess it was something I always suspected but never really thought about.
It was such a significant turnaround from 15 years ago when my mother was recovering from a stroke and I, under the guidance of a friend, began reading the New Testament. Being a biochemistry undergraduate at the time I should have known better than to turn to superstition as an answer to life's questions; and predictably enough the effect was shallow and short-lived.
Since then I have considered myself an Agnostic; I wanted to believe but God didn't help me when I asked him to (what a surprise). Now I am in my thirties and old enough to take an informed opinion of life, I am a committed atheist and proud of it. So please, keep up the good work - there are plenty more like me out there who need saving!!
Kind regards,
Chris Roberts