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Dr. dawkins

Your ways are rather harsh on the religious community and it only makes them put their defences up, if you wish for more effective converting I would suggest that you
present the religious with psychological factors in religion which gives personal comfort and behaviour lessons in exchange for...

Dear Dr Dawkins

I wonder how many of these letters are read by you in person. Nevertheless I found it important to write it for the sake of goodwill.

Like many of us writing to you, I want to voice my extreme pleasure and support in, not only your work , but your attitude that is one of (hopefully) many...


I`m an atheist and I recently got into a discussion with my mother about it. She accepts evolution and all of that, and probably would be atheist too if it were not for her so called "spiritual experiences".
The night that one of my relations was killed in an accident (he was only two). A knock...

To Richard Dawwkins

Dear Prof Dawkins,

I have been meaning to write for some years expressing my admiration of your intelligent work and drive to open up a beam of light into our current world of dark superstition.

I became an antitheist which was a side move from atheist after watching Dr Jonathan Miller on...

Dear my friend

I'm Jari from Finland, from Helsinki (sink in hell in Helsinki, Patty Smith in Helsinki year 1976).

Thank you very very much for all your great work that you have done. I'm a marginalized fellow. I believe in no Gods, but I have noticed, that me , who I'm going to be a marginalized fellow for...

Greetings, Professor Dawkins,

I apologize in advance for the length of this letter, but I feel that it is necessary; if nothing else, to serve as a lesson to converts, or to those who may be on the proverbial fence.

I grew up in Indiana with my parents, and two half-brothers. When I was an elementary school student, both...

Dear Prof. Dawkins,

As two ordinary Iranian Muslim individuals, we have been reading your books and discussing on your thoughts for the last two years. The point is not your direct idea of being or not being an atheist that is the method you smoothly and professionally approach to the basic (and at the same time...

I thank you for your great contribution to humanity. I hope that I'll be able to buy all your books, which are a haven to me.

Your contribution to humanity is extraordinaly magnificent, if I may say so.

After Darwin, it's You, dear Mr. Dawkins. I greatly admire your friend, Mr. Lawrence...

Professor Dawkins,

I appreciate your brutally honest style and your assertion that you don't care what people personally think on evidentially demonstrable facts, you care about what's true. This has struck a chord with me, as I too have been accused of being ignorant of the personal...

Mr. Dawkins

As a fellow atheist (raised Catholic), i have come to admire your works as a great scientist as well as a missionary in the fight for reason. Men like you are what inspires the young generations in this age of information and technology. In short, i truly admire the effort and the time you...

Dear Mr. Dawkins,

I have grown up in the Soviet Union and did not ever thought about God, just because I had more interesting things to occupy my mind with – this state favored education in sciences (except genetics) so there were plenty of good books for general public and excellent TV programs (better than most...

Hello, Richard.

I hope you read my message, I am one of your fans from Brazil, and I really enjoy with your work. I hope to see more of your lectures around the world disseminating the critical Thinking!

By the way, awesome website!

Hugs from your distant friend