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richie dawkins is a narcassitic little fuck.

He doesn't understand grace.

He doesn't understand humility.

He CERTAINLY doesn't understand theology or philosophy.

And the field has advanced to the point where he barely understands evolutionary theory. Might mild green skin...

SON OF SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evolutiontheory is the unproved fiction

D-- Dog's baby
A- A Dog's Baby
W- Wow, Dog's Fuck
K- Kid of Dog
I - I hat the dog's baby
N- No, you are really a child of dog
S- Super madness of Dawkins

from Hell

Hello Dawkins

Well done you made a fortune on your fucking book now your gonna burn forever... Bastard.

Mr. Dawkins,

I don't know much about you or your attempts to disprove the existance of God. I have never read your books and I probably never will. I do commend you for your education and achievements (only those that have been somewhat meaningful and progressive in humanity) but I...

haha, you fucking dumbass, I hope you get hit by a Church van tonight and you die slowly

What you is doing, is not novelty. Already I saw others atheists in other epochs, will raise itself against God and their Son Jesus Christ. In this end of age, many persons as you go itself raise against the followers of the gospel, for count on the faith cristâ. What signifies the death of an...

Go f*** yourself. You , Sir, are an absolute ASS. Your feigned intelligence is nothing more than the fart of GOD. You are one of those unfortunate ones that need GOD to shove it in your FACE.
Your soul is at jeopardy.

How much does your soul hunger for the truth. A fight between Satan and God is ripping you to threads. Does it feel good when you are lying in your bed, when all is quiet, and your conscience makes you want to run to the bathroom and puke. Is the boogey man for real? You shall find out...

You sad, pathetic, small-minded, intellectually closed little man. You are your kind are every bit as dangerous and intolerant as Bush or bin Laden

This book is an affront to all the scientific truths by which me live today! Thus i recommend to all US citizens that they should not read this book and get the authorities to ban this book. It is factually inaccurate and against God. Mr. Darkins has not read the New Testament, I am sorry for him!!

intellectual dishonesty and Damn Lies!
Hello! I am referring to your book, God delusion! I aleady sent you an email about your book, and you have not cared to answer my questions?? I specifically asked you two questions:
1. Jesus death & Resurrection ! Disciple John as eye-witness...