Topeka is evil. Harry Potter promotes witchcraft. Christmas trees are pagan idols. Cancer is a judgment from God. And the teaching of evolution should be rooted out of Kansas schools because it's a satanic lie.

He also believes that America's public schools are cultivating a culture of "liars, thieves, murderers and perverts."

Outside the mainstream? It doesn't matter to Wu, running for a seat on the Kansas Board of Education.

A northern California transplant, Wu is seeking to defeat first-term DemocratCarolyn Campbell of Topeka in an admittedly uphill battle for the 4th District seat on the state school board. Uphill because he only received $5 in contributions through July, the most recent reporting period.

But Campbell is taking her Republican opponent seriously.

"I want to make sure the folks that don't know Carolyn Campbell and her record will try to get to know me and understand who my opponent is and what he stands for," Campbell said.