He starts by saying he welcomes the Easter message as being one of hope, but at the same time admits that he has problems believing a word of it - particularly the resurrection! Even so, he welcomes what he calls the "Christian fightback" in Britain.

It is not clear what this "fightback" is against but he measures it in "the enormous reception of the Pope's visit."

However, the Pope's visit – as the Catholic Church's own research showed – was a comprehensive flop.

Cameron says "we've won the argument over Bideford Council and the fact that if councils want to say prayers before council meetings they should."

They have "won" by declaring that a High Court judgment is, in their opinion, wrong and have unilaterally over-ruled it. Isn't that the sort of thing that dictators do – particularly theocratic dictators? The interpretation that Mr Pickles has put on the Localism Act is highly suspect and untested in court, yet he blithely announces that it means whatever he says it means.

Then Mr Cameron says: "I think we see the fight-back in this very strong stance that I've taken and others have taken in terms of the right to wear a crucifix. I think this is important. People should be able to express their faith."

But when did people not have the right to wear a crucifix or express their faith? This is a fantasy propagated by Christian extremists in this country and one that the Prime Minister has embraced either through cynicism or gullibility.

He also failed to mention that his own Government's legal arguments in the European Court say that employers have the right to restrict the wearing of jewellery (not crosses –but any jewellery) in the workplace if it is necessary. I think he is hoping nobody notices that.