ONE tragic side effect of modern education is that it leaves many young people more obtuse than they were when they first entered college or university. They end up with their B.A.s, Ph.D.s or M.Sc.s, and not knowing God, or with no vibrant relationship with him. Yet, having thus become no-brainers and no- hopers, they think they are so cool.

But what could be more idiotic than to look at this wonderful world in which we live, and think that it is simply the result of a billion billion freaky accidents? Even primitive tribes had more gumption than that.

Professor Richard Dawkins, if he found himself on a desert island, might wake up one morning to find his name written in the sand and think, “Gosh, the crabs around here are very evolved.”

Most of us, however, would conclude that the writing was done by a human being who knew our name. And nothing would convince us otherwise. In other words, if something bears the marks of intelligence, then we look for an intelligent cause.

And if we can say that about writing in the sand, a painting or a computer, we can certainly say it about the complexity, wonder and beauty of nature.

Only a mind crippled and prejudiced by modern education could fail to see the extraordinary intelligence and love behind creation.

And a bit more reasoning would lead us to God, the supreme being with this intelligence, love and creative power.
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