About the Instructor

Dr. Mohamed Noor is the Earl D. McLean Professor and Associate Chair of Biology at Duke University. His expertise is in molecular evolution, and a large part of his research has been devoted to trying to understand the genetic changes that ultimately lead to the formation of new species. More recently, his research team has used fruit fly species to understand the causes and evolutionary consequences of variation in rates of genetic recombination/ exchange.

Dr. Noor has received several awards for research, teaching, and mentoring, and has been active in the scientific community, including serving as president of the American Genetic Association, chair of the NIH study section in Genetic Variation and Evolution, and editor of the journal Evolution.

Course Syllabus
Evidence for evolution
Introduction to basic genetics
Recombination and genetic mapping simple traits
Complications to genetic mapping
Genes vs. environment
Basic population genetics and Hardy-Weinberg
Gene flow, differentiation, inbreeding
Natural selection and genetic drift
Molecular evolution
Evolutionary applications and misapplications
Adaptive behaviors and species formation