Update 7 Sept

2012 Richard Dawkins Award goes to Eugenie Scott

Eugenie Scott, director of the National Center for Science Education, was awarded the 2012 Richard Dawkins Award for her tireless promotion of science education

The Atheist Alliance of America and the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason recently announced that Eugenie Scott was awarded the 2012 Richard Dawkins Award. Dr Scott, an anthropologist and a former university professor, is the executive director of the National Center for Science Education. She received this award at the Atheist Alliance of America's annual meeting, held in Denver Colorado, on 1 September 2012.


Richard Dawkins, a professor emeritus, writer and outspoken atheist for whom the award was named, recorded a video presentation that was shown at the meeting because he was unable to attend in person.

"Eugenie Scott is one of my very favorite people, although we have our civilized disagreements", Dr Dawkins said at the opening of his remarks.

He went on to say that "it's impossible to meet Genie without loving her, whether you agree with her or not."

Dr Scott, a prominent critic of young earth creationism and intelligent design, was given this award in recognition of her tireless promotion of science education.

"I now possess awards in the names of both Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Dawkins", joked Dr Scott at the beginning of her acceptance speech, referring to the famous scientific conflict between the late Dr Gould, a paleontologist, and Dr Dawkins, a geneticist, about the mechanics of evolution.

"This demonstrates that I can get along with everyone."