Dear President Obama,

Fifty years ago, President John F. Kennedy stood at Rice, my university, and declared that we would put a man on the moon, in that decade. He called for a scientific revolution.

Mr. President, we need another scientific revolution; we must have a second giant leap for Mankind.

My generation will face unprecedented challenges to our way of living and to our survival as a species. Our population continues to climb, but the amount of clean water and living space we have on Earth has been stretched thin. Our climate is growing increasingly extreme. A disease like the Avian Flu, which (currently) has a 60 percent mortality rate, could become transmitted by humans and turn into a worldwide pandemic in our age of rapid travel. The Earth is experiencing a rapid decline of biodiversity, especially in our oceans. We could be faced with a killer asteroid in the near future.

I know these threats sound like science fiction, but they are real and my generation will have address them. The way to overcome these challenges and ensure the continued long-term existence of our species is through investment in rapid scientific innovation.