Today, Hodge stopped by the American Family Association’s show Today’s Issues and chatted with AFA head Tim Wildmon and research director Ed Vitagliano about the mindset of supposed anti-Christmas agitators…which led him to argue that non-Christians shouldn’t even take any days off of work.

“If you thought about it, a secular, atheistic worldview, you know they don’t want Christmas,” Hodge said. “Well, why don’t they go up and say, ‘I want to work on Christmas and I don’t want time-and-a-half and I don’t want any of those holidays because that implies there is some God out there that’s holy that makes a day special. Consider a weekend. A weekend is a Christian thing, God created in the six days, he rested on the seventh, the Lord resurrected on the first day, that’s a Christian thing. These guys should say, ‘No, we should work all the time’ and work like the bees till you die.”