David Cameron is strongly opposed to gender segregation. Michael Gove thinks it’s “pandering to extremists”.

Universities UK, which came up with an insane piece of “guidance” on the subject, is reviewing it after being covered in the metaphorical equivalent of a bucket of ordure. So how did anyone ever come up with the idea that it was OK to expect men and women to sit separately at some events on university premises?

I suspect it might have something to do with the fact that the current government (prop, D Cameron) is in most respects inexplicably keen on religion. Want some money to set up a Catholic or Muslim free school? Go and see that nice Mr Gove and he’ll tell his officials to hand over the dosh. There is even a minister for faith whose job description includes promoting religion. Baroness Warsi goes around telling people that the coalition is one of the “most pro-faith governments in the West”. This is hardly something to boast about, in my opinion. But who can blame your average religious extremist if he (it usually is a he) gets the idea that people of “faith” can do whatever they like?