1. Sarah Palin, for saying African Americans can’t comprehend her definition of slavery

2. Judge Jean Boyd, for giving a drunk driver probation instead of prison after his attorneys said he had “affluenza” (growing up rich and spoiled)

3. Greg Collett, for saying the government shouldn’t be involved in health insurance while his 10 children are on Medicaid

4. Jeb Bush, for accusing Obama of closing the embassy to the Vatican, when he knows it’s just moving and that move was planned under his brother

5. Erick Erickson, for telling liberals to stock up on coat hangers after the Texas abortion ban passed

6. Robert Zimmerman, for saying he’s concerned someone might take the law into their own hands and kill his brother George

7. Rick Santorum, for comparing Nelson Mandela’s fight against apartheid to his fight against Obamacare

8. Multimillionaire Peter Schiff, for holding a fake protest to mock minimum wage workers at Walmart

9. Glenn Beck, for saying you must beat it into kids that God gives them rights, not the government

10. Ted Nugent, for saying black people could fix the “black problem” if they would put their heart and soul into being honest and law-abiding, buy alarm clocks