Since then the science investigating our origins has encountered many more frauds, most of them identifiable, but no one quite as deceptive and troubling as Dr. Melba Ketchum. She is a veterinarian and the founder of DNA Diagnostics. However, the only reason she is being discussed within the scientific community is because of her ongoing claim that she has sequenced three nuclear genomes of a Sasquatch.

For those of you who don’t know, the Sasquatch is a mythical animal that 16% of Americans believe to be a giant ape-like creature roaming the Pacific Northwest. Although there is absolutely no evidence that the Sasquatch exists, the myth persists. Ketchum, for a reason unknown to me, is trying to confuse the uninformed and discredit evolutionary anthropology by claiming it exists.

Of course, scientists in evolutionary anthropology have found surprising ancient hominids before. One of the most shocking was the discovery of Homo floresiensis (Brown et al., 2004), a small hominin most likely related to Homo erectus, that lived on an isolated island in contemporary Indonesia until between 13,000-17,000 years ago. The discovery of Homo floresiensis has certainly forced scientists to reconstruct the phylogenetic history of our species and the evolution of the genus Homo in Asia. However, the scientists that discovered Homo floresiensis were transparent with their methods and submitted their results to peer-reviewed journals so that the rest of the scientific community could evaluate their claims. Since their discovery other scientists have been given access to Homo floresiensis remains and other teams of paleoanthropologists have worked at the Liang Bua cave site where the remains were found to conduct further research by testing hypotheses. This process, the scientific process, allows real factual knowledge to be produced and considered by the world as a whole. This process prevents frauds from gaining cultural credibility and allows our species to continually improve our understanding of the universe. Consequently, our knowledge of Homo floresiensis morphology, ecology, behaviour, and phylogeny has accumulated over the past 9 years and our understanding of human evolution is much improved.

In contrast, the methods and data of Dr. Melba Ketchum’s “discovery” have hoax written all of them. She claims that her and her team of geneticists have been sequencing the DNA of the Sasquatch for the past five years, and that her results reveal that Sasquatch is extant (still living), and is a hominin hybrid that arose 15,000 years ago. Furthermore, she claims that the Sasquatch has novel nuclear DNA, but identical mitochondrial DNA to humans. The implications of her research, if true (which they aren’t), would force us to reconstruct the narrative of early human migration and expansion in North America. Her claims would indicate populations of the first human women in North America interbred with a large currently unknown extinct ape species producing a hybrid population of Sasquatch that has been hiding in North America for thousands of years.