The distribution of freethought literature is set for May 2, the National Day of Prayer. The distribution is in response to bible distribution in the public schools in February, in which evangelists at tables in about 11 schools were permitted to hawk bibles and promote religion.

The Orange County Public Schools demanded the right to vet the freethought literature. Last week the district announced formally that many submitted publications, including Sam Harris' book, "Letter to a Christian Nation" and an essay, "The Truth," by 19th century freethinker Robert G. Ingersoll, are being censored. Also censored: "Jesus Is Dead" a book by Robert Price, professor of philosophy and religion, "What on Earth is an Atheist," a book by Madalyn Murray O'Hair, "Why I am Not a Muslim," a book by Ibn Warraq, and several FFRF "nontracts," including "Dear Believer," "Why Jesus?" "What Does the Bible Say about Abortion?" and "An X-Rated Book."

Among the handouts which the public schools approved will be several nontracts published by FFRF, including "What is Wrong with the Ten Commandments?," "Ten Common Myths about Atheists," and "Why Women Need Freedom From Religion." A section from "The Age of Reason," a classic critique of the bible by Thomas Paine, and a brochure "Why Atheism" are being distributed by other secular groups involved in the protest.