After six months of packed houses at monthly services in London, an atheist congregation called The Sunday Assembly is bringing its movement to the U.S.

The co-founders will soon embark on a cross-country tour to decide which cities might support their own permanent Sunday Assembly franchise, and the first test run will be held in a Manhattan dive bar.

"Lots of people are giving us warnings that it's going to be different over there, but so far, we've just had a lot of support from the people in America," co-founder and stand-up comic Sanderson Jones told the Daily News.

Independent tech consultant Michael Trollan, 33, is one New York atheist who definitely plans to attend the Assembly's first New York gathering. Raised in Texas, where he attended Catholic school, Trollan has eschewed religion since he was young.

"I remember that I started asking tough questions when I was about 10," Trollan said. "By the time I was 12, I had lost my faith."