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MRFF's Inbox

We did not know
how much we needed you
until we needed you"

Appreciative Air Force client perfectly
illustrates MRFF's immediate impact re:
USAF removal of unconstitutional painting

Friday, June 7, 2013

From: USAF Fighter Pilot's E-Mail Address Withheld
Subject: Appreciation From Mountain Home AFB, Idaho
Date: June 7, 2013

TO: Mr. Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation
FM: (USAF fighter pilot's name, rank, unit and title/job assignment all withheld)
SUB: Appreciation

Mr. Weinstein, I am one of the 22 USAF airmen who MRFF represented last Friday when you were able to get the USAF to remove the unlawful and offensive painting. [Click here to read more] From the Wagon Wheel dining facility at Mountain Home AFB in Idaho. To begin with, I am asking that you please remove any information from this e-mail to you which might allow USAF officials or anyone else to figure out my identity. If I was found out, there is no question that my career as a USAF fighter pilot would be over instantly. Or worse. So the readers of this know, I am a practicing Christian, have a family and belong to and regularly attend a (protestant denomination withheld) church here in the general local area. I graduated from the (university name and year withheld). I love my country as much as anyone.

I wanted to say a very, very serious thank you. From me and my fellow airmen, Mr. Weinstein. Thank you and the MRFF for doing what I and my colleagues were too afraid to do. That fighter pilot-crusader painting (I know some say that it was a cop but nobody I know here saw it as anything but a fighter pilot) has been a source of unending dissention and disruption for a real long time here. I don't need to tell you of all people how wrong it was. Its display was totally messed up. Most of us knew it too. A while back in (month and year withheld) my unit held a get together for an enlisted member who had just received an award. We gathered at this same Wagon Wheel dining facility over the lunch hour. Not everyone was able to come of course but enough did. My (title withheld) Commander made special notice of that fighter pilot-crusader painting and in front of everyone said aloud "This is why we fly and fight. We have our jets and we have our faith in Christ. Victory in the air. Victory in Christ. This is America." I am not paraphrasing here, Mr.Weinstein. He said every single word as I just wrote it to you. You could have heard a pin drop. Noone dared to say anything. Especially since a bunch of the (unit's name withheld) members were clapping and otherwise jacked up expressing their approval. I was floored as were some others. But we did nothing. To our shame. None of us will forget that we failed to act.

We are also thankful to our Wing Commander Col. Short for taking action quickly to take down that crusader painting. After you called HQ USAF in Washington and then spoke to him directly. What Col. Short did was right and we all noticed. The NCO who spoke to you for the 22 of us has our gratitude as well. [Click here to read more]

In the week that has followed the removal of that painting, we have been told over and over that we all should take these matters to our chain of command first before going to outside agencies like MRFF. That is very easy for them to say. Too easy. I have read many things you have said and written Mr. Weinstein. I have watched many vidoes of your speeches and You Tubed your television and radio appearances and talks. My wife (name withheld) and my fellow pilots and airmen (MRFF client-pilot's and airmen's names and ranks withheld) have done this with me. (wife's name withheld) has also ordered your book called No Snowflake. The one thing you say that means the most to me and my fellow pilots and airmen is so simple. That until the USAF gets serious about punishing those that wrongfully push their religion on their lesser ranking airmen noone and I mean nobody will ever use the chain of command to report abusers. Why? Because the USAF will destroy them. Totally and forever. We have seen it happen. Alot. I could tell you stories of this. so could my friends.

I waited a week to send this to you on behalf of myself and many others here who you stood up for. Was it not for the MRFF we would have no place to turn to. We did not know how much we needed you until we needed you. Does that make any sense? If you are ever out this way, a bunch of us from (USAF unit designation and nickname withheld) would like to treat you to drinks at (off base restaurant's name withheld). Your money will be no good out here. We all owe you. Let us repay you and the MRFF if we can.


(USAF fighter pilot's name, rank, unit and title/job assignment all withheld)


MRFF's Inbox

"Can't stop me"

Military detractor's defiant
outburst demonstrates
fundamentalist evangelical ego

Friday, June 7, 2013

Mr. Weinstein

I have been following you and your organization lately. I want to inform you that I proudly wear my uniform and have sworn to up hold the Constitution of The United States. I am a Christian and wear a St. Michael around my neck and will continue to do so. I will speak my mind no what the subject including religion when and where I like. I recently learned that you were responsible for a painting, titled Blessed are the Peace Keepers, to be taken down at the Mountain Home AFB. I will be obtaining a print of that painting and will proudly display it in my office. There is no one in this country who can force me take it down. Not you, the government or the courts. Looking at you web site I believe that you and your organization are nothing more than terrorists who are trying to undermine everything this country stands for. You have the right to your opinion but when you force your beliefs on others by taking the actions that you have taken you should be charged and arrested for violating peoples civil rights.

(name withheld)



Has the Air Force Finally Cracked Down on the Gay-Bashing
Christian Fighter Pilot?

by Chris Rodda, MRFF Senior Research Director

Friday, June 7, 2013

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • Those who have been reading my blog here for a while are probably quite familiar with Air Force Major Jonathan C. Dowty, a.k.a. the “Christian Fighter Pilot.” I’ve written fairly often about this fine officer — about his cyber bullying of enlisted service members who can’t respond to defend themselves because he is an officer, about his disturbing obsession with Mikey Weinsteinand the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), and most recently about his numerous posts on the subject of “homosexuals” serving in the military.

    A few days ago, I noticed that the links in some of my posts to posts on Maj. Dowty’s “Christian Fighter Pilot” blog were broken, so I went to his blog to see why these links weren’t working. I noticed immediately that the look of Maj. Dowty’s blog had changed, and at first thought that the broken links might just have something to do with him reformatting his blog, and that the URLs to the posts I had linked to might have changed.
  • Clearly, every post on Maj. Dowty’s blog containing the word “homosexuals” has been deleted.

    Did Maj. Dowty have a change of heart and suddenly realize that these posts were not only extremely offensive but completely inappropriate for an active duty U.S. military officer to be posting? Yeah, sure. And a pig just flew past my window, too.

    The deletion by Maj. Dowty of his offensive anti-gay posts is much more likely the result of the pressure kept up on Air Force leadership by MRFF’s Director for LGBT Affairs, Edie Disler. As I wrote back in December, a letter from Disler to Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh resulted in the first action ever taken by the Air Force to restrain the virulently homophobic Maj. Dowty, who had to edit one of his posts in which he had blamed an incident of bestiality by a Marine on the repeal of DADT.
  • But the story doesn’t end there. You see, Maj. Dowty has a friend and ally over at FOX News named Todd Starnes, who seems to have become as obsessed with MRFF as Maj. Dowty himself. [...] Most recently, Starnes penned an article titled “Congressman: Troops Being Punished For Expressing Religious Faith,” in which he listed a bunch of examples of alleged Christian “persecution” by the military. Topping Starnes’s list was this:

    “A service member received a ‘severe and possibly career-ending reprimand’ for expressing his faith’s religious position about homosexuality in a personal religious blog.”

    Now, Starnes did not mention Maj. Dowty or his “Christian Fighter Pilot” blog by name, so I can’t proclaim with a hundred percent certainty that Maj. Dowty is the service member to whom Starnes was referring, but what other blogger who Starnes would even know about just removed all of his posts about “homosexuals” from his blog? I report, you decide.

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