A camp like any other

On the first morning of camp, a handful of young teens psyche themselves up to scale a high ropes course 30 feet off the ground. One by one, the campers climb up to the ropes. Some race across the obstacles, while others freeze up, terrified by the heights. Down on the ground, camp counselors cheer them on. Some conquer the course in 10 minutes, others take an hour, but in the end, they all scream with exhilaration as they fly down the long zip line at the end.

In early July, 20 campers spent five days and four nights at the first-ever Camp Quest KC.

They canoed in a lake, swam in the pool, went fishing – basically doing everything kids do at camps everywhere. But Camp Quest KC isn’t a YMCA or Scout camp. It’s designed for kids from atheist, agnostic or freethought backgrounds.

Parent and volunteer David Spake says that too often, even non-religious camps make assumptions about religion by leading prayers or non-denominational worship services.