Trustees from the Scouting Association — whose patron is Queen Elizabeth II — are preparing to meet next week to approve a new scouting oath for atheists — thus putting them on par with Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs and Hindus.

While those with religious affiliations will continue to promise to do their duty to both God and the queen, the new “Atheist Promise” (as it’s being called here) will say something different — although the exact words have not yet been released.

This comes only a week after Girl Guides announced that they would give up their promise to “love my God.” Beginning in September, the 500,000 Brownies and Guides will instead promise to be “true to myself and develop my beliefs.”

The British wing of the scouting organization founded by Lord Robert Baden-Powell in 1907 at Brownsea Island in southern England has agreed to bow to pressure from an increasing number of atheists. It comes at a time when British scouting has experienced buoyant growth — membership increased to 525,000 last year, up from 445,000 in 2005.