NCSE's award-winning scientists and policy staffers have written regularly for publications ranging from Nature to The Washington Post. Now we've got this brain trust in one place, posting commentary, analysis, advice, reviews, and more, every day.

"We named the blog in honor of Maynard Shipley's Science League of America, formed in 1924", says Josh Rosenau, a programs and policy director at NCSE. "The League's mission was eerily similar to NCSE's. We, too, 'go directly to the people...[and] make them acquainted with...the vast accumulation of facts upon which the theory of evolution is based; and to oppose...the campaign to substitute the Book of Genesis for the Book of Nature.'"

Premiere posts include Executive Director Genie Scott on "John D. Morris, Evolutionary Creationist", geologist Steve Newton on our "Runaway Climate" (in which he manages to cite Jimi Hendrix), climate maven Mark McCaffrey on Exxon Mobil's two-faced approach to climate change, and more.