Instead, the gentle black Dutch twitched his ears nonchalantly and curiously looked around the barn, his eyes eventually resting on a box filled with tasty carrots.

His treat would have to wait, however. His acupuncture treatment wasn’t quite finished yet.

Being poked with needles no longer fazes Tango. It makes his back pain go away. But his peaceful demeanor during the procedure never fails to delight Brozman, a holistic veterinarian from Bucyrus.

Even though she’s performed acupuncture on every animal from dogs to cows for a decade, she never tires of that happy pang she gets in her heart every time she helps ease an animal’s pain.

It’s why she does what she does.

Her unconventional veterinary treatments, such as acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, have turned Brozman into a hero for her clients.

Every week, pet owners — from all over the Midwest — seek out her Prairie Village-based practice, Horizon Holistic Veterinary Care. Her natural remedies treat everything from cancer to arthritis.