Professor Dawkins turns out homilies against religion the way the guy in Rome publishes encyclicals. He is currently on a book tour with his latest, which is very much part memoir.
His arguments are as immutable as Church doctrine; religion is bad, there is no God and if there was He would be a monster, religion retards the steady, unquestioned march of scientific achievement.
Along with Professor Dawkins this book season, we are treated to The God Argument, by the British philosopher A.C. Grayling.
Professor Grayling's argument in The God Argument, is a "landmark book in the ongoing debate about atheism" according to his publisher.
A landmark? Professor Grayling, I'd like you to meet Professor Dawkins. 
The two professors are pushing humanism, compassion and sympathy as antidotes to, I suppose, the anti-human, unsympathetic and unforgiving dogma of organized religion.