Particularly odd to me is how the ad has Jenny McCarthy hawking blu™ e-cigarettes as a “sexy” way to smoke. She points out dramatically that, now that she is single, being a smoker is a big problem because, apparently, smoking itself is a big turnoff to a lot of men and she hates interrupting dates to have to go outside to catch a smoke. If you believe the commercial, blu™ e-cigarettes have completely revitalized Jenny McCarthy’s love life, apparently in the wake of her breakup with Jim Carrey a couple of years ago. Like Matt Carey, I also could not escape the irony of the woman who rails against “toxins” in vaccines and described her struggles trying to stop smoking when she was pregnant now shilling for a device designed to be used to inhale a toxic substance (nicotine) into one’s lungs. On the other hand, she has in the past raved about how she absolutely “loves” Botox; so maybe it’s not so difficult to understand.